Tool Time

July 17, 2021,  10:00 a.m.

    Old Lamine Church of Christ


      Children up to Teens led by Dan Huff

     Teenage Classes led by Sam Woody

     Womens Class led by Kim Ford

     Mens Class led by Rick Sparks

     This year we will have the older men and women's class split up in the morning as indicated by the teachers.  We will then combine both men and womens classes in the afternoon.  

      Phase I

o   Blueprint

o   1 Peter 3:15

o   Why should one become a Christian

·         Phase II

o   Location for building

o   Matthew 7:24-27

o   What church

·         Phase III

o   Framing Material

o   Galatians 5:22

o   Strengthening our Christianity

·         Phase IV

o   Moving In

o   Philippians 1:6

o   Confidence in adversity

·         Phase V

o   Moving Up

o   1 Peter 5:10

o   Finding Eternal Glory